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Nature guide
At any time of the year it is possible to book an excursion with an expert guide of NaturaValp along the woods or the paths of Valpelline to discover the flora and fauna that inhabit it. A nature guide can take you in search of ibexes, golden eagles or bearded vulture. It is also possible to search for the endemic plant (unique in the world!) which was discovered a few years ago by Piero Rosset, the "Alyssum Rossetii Spaniel".

Mountain guide
Climbing for adults and children, for group and individual trips, ascents on easy glaciers or on the 4,000 m that crown the Valpelline (Grand Combin and Dent d’Hérens). Here you can discover the authentic mountain together with NaturaValp Alpine Guides who know it well and are able to advise you on the best way to discover it.

Mountain Bike
In addition to finding good Mountain Bike instructors, you can be accompanied by expert connoisseurs of these places to discover authentic and little-known details and locations.

Resident of Valpelline
Those who want to get to know the villages and the inhabitants of Valpelline in depth can book a day with one of the inhabitants of this valley. They are happy to tell you about life and some interesting anecdotes about mountain people.

Visit to farms
It is always possible to request a visit to one of our farms affiliated to NaturaValp to understand where the famous milk used to produce the best Fontina from the Aosta Valley comes from.

Visit to the Place Moulin Dam
An expert guide takes you directly into the wall of the Place Moulin Dam and tells you all about its construction and hydroelectric production.

Visit to Ollomont at the "Fontina visitor center"

An old copper mine recovered for the aging the fontina cheese is the setting for this little journey to discover the most famous production of Aosta Valley: the Fontina!

Rebel Park - adventure Park
Book your adventure at Rebel Park .