Walks and ascensions

Several hiking and mountaineering routes start from Alpe Rebelle.

Rebelle Trail (10 minutes - 50 m difference in height)
A small "digestive" walk (after lunch) or "aperitif" (before lunch) that takes you to the "Le Crite" promontory in front of the restaurant. While enjoying the scenery, you can also see the old shelves where Daniel's grandparents grew potatoes. On top of the promontory there is still a plinth of a cableway trellis used in the 1960s to transport cement from Aosta to Place Moulin for the construction of the Dam.

Overview of Bionaz (30 minutes - 100 m difference in height)

This route is very easy to follow as it takes place entirely on the farm road that leads to the Grand Ron pasture via Pessey. It is panoramic and the comfortable road allows even the less experienced or children to follow it without any problems. Once you reach the Grand Rond mountain pasture, it is very likely to see marmot families.

Crête Sèche refuge 2410 m.s.l.m. (2 hours and 15 minutes - 700 m height difference)

Following the No. 4 trail, you can reach the refuge along the path that in its first stretch retraces the entire farm road that leads to the Grand Ron mountain pasture. The walk becomes a bit steeper just above the mountain pasture for about 100 m in altitude and then again 100 m before reaching the hut.
Just before arriving at the Berrier mountain pasture, you can see the sources of the Bionaz aqueduct and later, a little further up, the characteristic "Berrio de la Bosse" where a spring flows directly from a hole in the rock.

Alpe La Tsa 2225 m.s.l.m. (2 hours - 500 meters in altitude)
Visiting this small valley will seem like entering in a dolomitic environment for a moment, since this valley is dominated by the Tour de la Tsa, a characteristic "tower” different in color and structure from the mountains that surround it.
If you are lucky, you can find the cows grazing and you can have a look at the mountain pasture that can be reached by a monorail. Marmots are not lacking in abundance in the plateau above the "Plan Marmottin" mountain pasture.
The path is marked with the signpost n. 5 and during the descent you can follow the farm road that leads from the Alpeggio di Tsa Lon to Chez-Chenoux.

Monte Cervo 3441 m.a.s.l. (6 hours - 1720 m in altitude)
It is a mountain with easy access and very panoramic views. It is characterized by its final ridge that it is easy and very special. On top the landscape is lunar, giving to this otherwise banal ridge a unique and fascinating appearance. It was first climbed by Louis Kurz, Henry Riekel, Joseph and Justin Bessard on August 14, 1892.

The climb to Monte Cervo
From Alpe Rebelle follow the path n. 4 leading to the Berrier mountain pasture then continue along the path that leads to the ruins of the Chardoney mountain pasture in Vertzan valley. Here the marked trail ends and it continues in the middle of the valley until reaching the track that leads to the slope below the Chardoney glacier. Then it goes up to the first stretch on the orographic right side of the stream and then crosses it halfway up the slope.
Once on the glacier, the terrain becomes gentler and you follow the glacier on the slopes of the Mount Cervo to reach a snowy gully (in the hottest summers it can be snowless), which is in the middle of the characteristic snow saddle that separates the Noeud de la Rayette from the Monte Cervo.
Once you reach the top of the saddle, continue on the easy ridge that soon leads to the top. The descent takes place along the ascent route.

La Tour de la Tsa 3058 m.s.l.m. (4 hours - 1340 m in altitude)
Once you reach the Alpe of La Tsa, along the path n. 5, continue towards the Luseney pasture, of which you can see the remains and the beautiful spring that flows behind it. Afterwards, continue along the beautiful Alpine meadows following some cairns leading to the base of the wall.
To reach the summit at this point you have to go around it to the left and reach the pass along a short stretch of debris, then continue for 15 minutes on the easy ridge to the top.